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A Taste of Wushu

US Wushu Team Trials wrapped up today, in Cupertino, CA! The only reason I’m not there to see the action? Well, I wouldn’t exactly be able to fly out of Portland tomorrow morning, if I were in Cali today. 😉 Those of us who weren’t able to be there are still waiting on word of the results, but I hope everyone had an amazing ride, regardless of where they placed!

Our former fearless leader at UO Wushu, Phillip Dang, was one of the people vying for a spot on the US Team today and yesterday. He also made the team in 2005, and recently won the Men’s All-Around at this year’s Berkeley CMAT… so yeah, all of us at UO were lucky to have such a talented and dedicated wushu player as our first coach! 🙂

To give you a taste of the intense insanity of a wushu tournament floor, here are the photos I took at this year’s Berkeley CMAT.

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