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Forbidden City

I have to head out for dinner with the group soon, so here’s another less-talky-more-looky photo post. 🙂 These are from our jaunt to the Forbidden City… after our morning of training that day, we spent hours walking through the place in blistering heat, and I was beyond exhausted, but it was worth the time. The exhibits in this place mainly focused on the last Emperor, and his interest in modern things (well, modern for his time, anyway), and blending Western and Eastern cultures.

Once again, you’ll have to pardon the hazy sky, and my lack of a wide-angle lens on the more landscape-ish shots. (had to leave the mid-range zoom at home for Ben, so the widest I have here is my 50mm f/1.8) Blown-out skies drive me bonkers, but there wasn’t much way around it. Just trust me when I say that the views are fantastic in-person.

The details in the rooftops and eaves are just crazy.

See how well you sleep with this guy on your ceiling. 😉

Yep, Chinese doorknobs are cooler than yours.

Fine China in China! (hurhurhur)

This carving ran all the way up the stairs, on the building shown in the previous shot.

Yes, that’s a cleaning lady. The grounds were very tidy.

The police were out in force to make sure we didn’t use this tunnel to exit. I’m assuming it’s because there were three tunnels, and the one in the center was intended only for use by the Emperor. Old habits die hard, apparently. 😉

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