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Mountain Climber

Today was our climb of Mount Taishan, and it was just… NUTS. I took more than a few photos, too, but they’ll come later. I’m pooped beyond all description right now, and video sums up this experience more quickly than my textual blathering. 🙂 These clips are thanks to my Dad, for giving me a super-easy-to-carry FlipVideo camera a few Christmases ago. I highly recommend getting one for yourself if you like to mess around with video, and aren’t too busy salivating over HD.

I’m sure I sound exhausted and half-delirious in these… and that’d be because I was exhausted and half-delirious. 😉 It was a tough hike, and it wasn’t the idyllic, peaceful setting I expected it to be. There were probably hundreds, maybe even thousands, of people climbing this beast. I made better time than a lot of them, though!

I’m about 3/4ths of the way up in this one:

And, here I am reaching the top:

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