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The Photography Side

It occurs to me that some of y’all might not know my photography background, so here’s the skinny!

I currently have a photography business known as Enko Photography with Ben, who is also an awesome photographer and mixmaster of lighting. We do weddings, as well as events, portraits, commercial work, even fashion. Basically, we do whatever pays and sounds like a fun challenge. 🙂

If you’d like to book with us or recommend us to your friends, we’d love you for it! We’ve only been in Portland for 2 years, so although we’re doing pretty well so far, there are still a lot of folks who haven’t heard about us yet. 😉 We also work with some truly awesome people in areas like makeup, hair, floral, framing, wedding planning, musicians, and we’d love to share them with you, if you need it. Connecting great people with other great people is something I’m always happy to do.

You can also add us on Facebook:

Enko Photography on Facebook

As for me, I’m largely self-taught, having only taken one college course in black-and-white film photography… which, of course, is a very different animal from digital! Having mad Photoshop skills from my design and web education certainly hasn’t hurt me, though, and learning the science of lighting has been an interesting ride. I think I’ve learned a lot pretty quickly, though, and I’m always absorbing new information whenever I can.

Oh, and we also have a photography blog, where you can see a lot of our other work! I do most of the talking there, too. 😉 Hit us up at

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