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Goodbye, 2009

After an awesome, surprise-filled, and at times exhausting year, it was high time I took a nice, long break. I took two weeks off from pretty much everything, and led a fairly unscheduled existence with a lot of family and friends, some amazing edibles, and very little internet. 😉

Part of that break had me driving down to the central coast of California–yes, that’s approximately 12 hours of driving–to visit family. It’s a drive I’ve done during the holidays for the past several years, so long hauls in the car aren’t exactly new for me. Timing my departures to avoid snowstorms in the mountains? Also not new.

This time around, I found myself rushing northward on the 30th, trying to get through the mountains before the big snows came in, but I passed near Shasta Lake and opportunity screamed at me through my car window. I’d driven over that bridge so many times and marveled at the view, but I’d always been too short on time, or driving with companions who weren’t down for a random pit stop.

This time, however, I couldn’t resist it anymore. I got off at the next exit, and took 5 minutes to shoot a few frames, before continuing my journey up I-5 towards Portland.

I honestly couldn’t have timed it better. The forecast was stormy and snowy, and I wasn’t even certain that I’d be able to go through the Siskiyou pass when I’d left that morning. But, when I got up into the mountain passes, it was gorgeous. WORTH IT.

Adios, 2009.

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