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Shoot To Thrill

I’ve made vague reference to recent behind-the-scenes happenings in my photography business, in various parts of the Intertubes, and now that things have solidified, I think it’s high time I threw down the full story.

First off, my former photography business is splitting up. We had a chat about it back in May, decided that parting ways was the right thing to do, so I’m finishing off the weddings we have left for the year, and we’re splitting up the assets. That former business was with my now-ex-boyfriend, so I imagine a lot of folks would assume that the split is because we broke up. Fortunately, it isn’t.

Fact is, when we first embarked on this grand photography adventure, we were in very similar places with our photography skill and our desire to shoot practically everything. In the three-or-so years since we started this thing, our styles have diverged, and as far as what genres we like and dislike, we now have very little overlap. We’ve also learned a lot about our own styles for dealing with clients, dealing with tasks and to-dos, and we’ve developed as photographers and as individuals, in ways that don’t jive with each other so well. There’s no anger about it, however–we’re just accepting reality for what it is, and it’s been a sane and amicable parting of ways, thus far. We learned quite a bit about the business of photography, so it was a fun and educational ride. 🙂

In the wake of that, I started laying a bit of groundwork for my own studio in June, planning to do everything on my own, but I began to discover that there’s a severe limitation on what I can do on my own. I do have the smarts and skills necessary to build a business, but I also have a decidedly finite amount of time and energy: these past few weeks have been so insanely busy that I’m barely surviving. I’ve been repeatedly reminded of periods with the old business during 2007-2009, when I was so stressed out and overworked that I literally made myself sick, and I know I can’t go back to that. To really get my own business going, I’d have to go back to working constantly, taking awful care of my health and sanity, and being a shitty friend, and I can’t hang with that. The sacrifice is far too huge.

Right around the time I was starting to arrive at that realization, my new friend and photographer Josh threw an offer on the table: he and his wife Melissa were looking for a new partner, someone who’d throw themselves full-force into the business, who’d be a prominent, distinct, and unique member of the team, who’d bring new energy and ideas into the fold. We talked a lot about it, about where we wanted to go, and found that we want the same things our of our work and our business. We have very compatible sensibilities, a lot of ideas, and a lot of desire to make things happen.

So, long story short, I decided to throw in with them, and once that started to sink in, I already felt less overwhelmed and more optimistic. After our work session a couple nights ago, I’m feeling even more confident about this choice than ever. Being in the right place at the right time can sometimes make or break you, so I hope this is the Make, for all of us.

At the outset, my portrait and wedding work will be offered through my new partnership at Continuum Photography, and I’ll keep doing the fashion and promotional work under my own label, Linger Studios. We’re throwing the majority of our energy into gearing up the senior portrait business, at the moment, but I’m figuring we’ll set up some kind of fashion/promo division at a later date, once the time becomes available for it.

I’m genuinely excited for the first time in a long time. This will be good. 🙂

I will also give you this pretty picture to look at, from a recent shoot with local musicians Aundria & Richard:

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