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I wasn’t entirely expecting a lot of travel in 2010, but it’s looking like there’ll be a lot on tap in the none-too-distant future. The first of it? I’ll be headed to Vegas in early March, for three days and two whirlwind nights! It’ll be a trip with several lady friends of mine, two of whom are clothing designers! There’s apparently a big textiles show happening there, so the designers are interested, and I might even take a peek for some potential redecorating fabrics… sewing my own curtains? Yep.

And speaking of whirlwinds, the day before we depart, I’ll be at the University of Oregon, judging at the 14th Annual Collegiate Wushu Tournament. I was head coach at the UO for a year, before moving to Portland, so a few of the beginners I coached–who are now seniors and fearsome athletes in their own right!–decided to call in a favor. 😉 I don’t have any prior judging experience, but it’s been several years since I was even remotely eligible to compete, so it’s nice to have another way that I can pitch in and help boost the Wushu community.

Anyhoo, expect snaps from Vegas for sure, and maybe some shots from Collegiates if I can weasel out of my judging chair for a few minutes. 😉

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