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Fresh Meat on Concrete

As part of an eventful Easter weekend, I wound up photographing roller derby twice on Saturday. I’d already been set to shoot during the Rose City vs. Rat City 4×4 at Memorial Coliseum later that evening, but thanks to a nagging knee injury, I was also sidelined during Fresh Meat practice that morning. I have to admit, not skating was something of a downer, because we were scheduled for a special opportunity that day: our Fresh Meat program would be scrimmaging against Rat City’s Fresh Meat girls, who came in from Seattle! Still, I wound up having a good time and making myself useful, by grabbing my camera and shooting during the scrimmage.

This scrimmage also had an interesting wrinkle: the skate floor had been disassembled and moved to the Coliseum for the bout that evening, which meant that all of the girls were skating on concrete! That might not sound like such a big deal, but different surfaces can have a very noticeable effect on your skating–hence, why there are countless types of wheels to choose from, depending on the surface you most often play on–and taking a spectacular fall onto a concrete floor leaves more of a mark than falling on a sport floor or a wood-paneled skating rink.

Still, even with the unusual circumstances, all of the ladies did an amazing job. My favorite shot from the scrimmage? Muttley, one of our Fresh Meat girls, delivering a solid hit to a player from Rat.


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