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Hamburger Cake

The other day, I found myself out at a birthday dance party. I already had my camera with me, after shooting a magazine assignment in Salem earlier that day, so before the booty shakin’ commenced, I pulled out my camera and flash for a bit, while we enjoyed champagne, sparkly decorations, cat masks, and blow-up dinosaurs.

The particularly amusing bit was Alyson’s recent discovery of the Hamburger Cake, a sugary monstrosity of a confection brought to you by your local Fred Meyer Bakery. Yes, this is, in fact, a cake in the shape of a giant hamburger, accompanied by angel food cake “fries,” and a little cup of red “ketchup” frosting. I was already familiar with the thing thanks to one of my not-from-PDX friends, who has a particular affection for Hamburger Cake. We were all amused by the camp factor of having a cake shaped like a hamburger and fries, so she picked up TWO of the hamburger cakes for her birthday party.

In the end, all of us who came to the party could only muster enough appetite to eat most of the first one, because, well, gobs of grocery store vanilla cake and frosting don’t exactly make for a mind-blowing taste sensation. But hey, there was enough party on the dance floor to make up for the lack of party in our mouths.

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Hamburger cake!
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