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Making the Internet Pretty for Portland Geeks

I don’t exactly make this a secret, but I am a proud and devoted geek of many years. I was raised on Star Trek, fantasy novels, gaming, computers, and a general mindset of obsessive joy for all of those things and more besides. Given my chosen lines of work, I ado have a certain tendency to live on the internet. I also have a deep and abiding love for Portland, in all its quirky and amusing glory.

With that in mind, when I was approached about prettying up an online events calendar that’s both Portland-centric and geek-specific, it’s probably not difficult to imagine what my answer was. is the brain child of the divine miss Kenna Conklin, who’s both an all-around fantastic person and one of the most ardent and enthusiastic geeks I’ve met. Her hope was to make a contribution to her home city, and its thriving geek community, by creating a home base for all of the delightful happenings around town that could be of interest to those who count themselves a part of the subculture.

With my help, we got GeekPortland migrated to a new webhost, and I dug into the code behind SuperCali, a free, PHP-based calendar application, to create a clean and customized look that’s ready to be packed with all manner of nerdy events.

After I put the customizations in place, GeekPortland achieved Kenna’s goal of being accepted into the Portland Geek Council of Commerce and Culture as its events calendar. I’ll also be working with PGC3 in the coming months on their web presence, and Kenna and I have even bigger and bolder plans for the future of GeekPortland, once the events calendar portion is in full-swing. In the meantime, take a peek at the site and submit your geek events to GeekPortland.



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