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Portland Business & Food Photography – Moonstruck Chocolates

It’s been a lot of fun doing photography for women-owned businesses in the Portland area, as part of my work for the upcoming CRAVE Portland Guidebook. Food is also one of my passions, so you can imagine how thrilled I was when Kimberly Brandt of Billede Design brought me on board to shoot for Moonstruck Chocolates! I was already a fan of their artisan chocolate creations, so paying a visit to their shop in Northwest Portland, and getting an up-close and personal look at all that goes into their delicious treats was a gig worth getting excited about.

One of the truly nifty things about Moonstruck is how their offerings and displays change with the seasons. They had themed chocolates for graduation and Father’s Day in the case, and they also had new packaging design to show off for their boxed treats and bars.


Kimberly lent her photo styling wisdom to the session, and created some clean and elegant settings for the hand-crafted goodies.


I also had the unique pleasure of meeting Sally, the owner behind Moonstruck, and she was incredibly kind, genuine, and energetic! She also insisted that Kimberly and I both take some samples home with us, after the shoot wrapped, so I had the pleasure of sharing their new Fortunato No. 4 varietal with a few friends. That’s the kind of perk I can get used to! 😉


I love working with local businesses, no matter how large or small. I do commercial photography for Portland businesses, and I can also set you up with a beautifully-designed web presence–that you can edit and control!–to give your brand a complete face-lift. Contact me and learn more about how I can make you look awesome.

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