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Portland Event Photographer | Portland Photojournalism | ZombieWalk 2011

Halloween is definitely my favorite holiday, and it’s always full of fantastic photographic opportunities. I enjoy dressing up ridiculously, and I’ve been known to get pretty serious-business about costuming, but yesterday had me roaming the streets in civilian mode, to cover Portland’s annual ZombieWalk. The mob started in the parking lot of Hollywood Vintage, which actually made for a pretty appropriate setting–the wire fences, weathered signs, and fairly-empty streets would’ve made an awesome set for an indie horror movie production.

You should definitely take a look at the full gallery of zombie mayhem on MetroMix Portland, but here are a few of my favorite zombie encounters:

Portland Zombiewalk 2011 - In Search of Brains

Even in undeath, there are the Haves and the Have-nots.

Portland ZombieWalk 2011 - The Inevitable 99%

Portland ZombieWalk 2011 - Zombie Reagan

Jesus also showed up to lead his, ahem, “flock.”

Portland ZombieWalk 2011 - The Original Zombie: Jesus

Portland ZombieWalk 2011 - Can't Beat That with a Bat

Do sea creature brains taste as good as the human kind?

Portland ZombieWalk 2011 - Scuba Zombie

Portland ZombieWalk 2011 - Too Close for Comfort

Portland ZombieWalk 2011 - Shamblers

The horde approaches! Good thing I know kung-fu. 😉

Portland ZombieWalk 2011 - The Horde Approaches

Portland ZombieWalk 2011 - Eat Brains, Not Animals!


  1. Awesome shots! I just happened to be in the area and snapped some pics with my old Canon S3IS.

    I’m definitely participating next year!

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