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Portland fashion photography – Clair Vintage Inspired Spring/Summer 2011

I love shooting Portland fashion photography, and this Spring/Summer 2011 photoshoot added in two more of my favorite things: fuzzy animals, and a good cause. I’ve been the go-to professional fashion photographer for Clair Vintage Inspired since Fall of 2009, and Alyson has become one of my favorite partners-in-crime for spontaneous breakfasts, laptop work parties, and any number of wacky adventures. (I even got to photograph her offbeat Portland wedding last fall!)

For her Spring/Summer collection this year, Alyson threw down her considerable moxie in support of the Newberg Animal Shelter, so we included local shelter pets who’ve found loving homes in the photoshoot. Dozens of props, miles of lint roller tape, and one paw-print-covered backdrop later, we had amazingly fun photos of her new garments, and the perfect project to draw attention to the plight of shelter animals. Alyson is offering free Clair goodies to anyone who donates to the Newberg Animal Shelter, and we’d both love to see you bring one of their adorable pets into your home, too.

I’ve wanted to blog about this shoot for several weeks, but the idea of saying, “hey, guys! Go buy cute, floaty dresses with no sleeves!” when it was 50-some-odd degrees and raining in Portland seemed like a pretty tough sell. 😉 That said, I can’t recommend her clothes enough–you’ll often see me wearing them, and they look fabulous on just about anyone! Now that the weather in Portland is actually getting warm enough for Spring/Summer clothes, stop by one of your favorite local boutiques, and snag some Clair for yourself.

The opening page on the Clair web site features Sadie, a dog who was rescued in July of 2000, and she was mild-mannered and sweet-tempered throughout the shoot.

As the day went on, I was continually surprised at how energetic and well-behaved all of the pets were. Maggie, a terrier who was adopted in 2010, was a good enough sport to work with us for multiple outfits.

Chevi (right) was rescued from a street transient in 2004 and has lived in a warm and loving home ever since. On the left? One of Alyson’s own adopted pets, Rufus, who gladly put on a bow tie and hopped around for treats!

Dogs weren’t the only pets to make an appearance during the shoot: we also had rescue cats Chloe and Blanche working with us, and even a pair of lovebirds, Opal and Purl, who were adopted from the Oregon Humane Society. Take a look at the rest of the Clair Spring/Summer 2011 collection, to see all of the fun, summery clothes, and the adorable adopted pets.

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