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Portland food photography | Portland event photography | Rib-Off 3: Carnivore Jamboree!

One of the things I’ve loved discovering about Portland is the food culture, and not just the restaurants and carts–it’s being surrounded by people who’re as borderline-obsessive about food as I am. A big Portland event that I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of, thanks to my spectacular group of friends, is Rib-Off. Rib-Off started as a small gathering of people testing their mad culinary skillz, and it’s grown into a rib competition so fierce that attendees have sworn off their vegetarianism for the day, so they can taste what Rib-Off has to offer. We’re not kidding around.

Last Saturday was Rib-Off’s third competition, with ten different rib recipes pitted against each other in epic battle, and it was my first time hosting the event. My back yard was packed with delicious pork ribs, grills of various shapes and sizes, and plenty of people who were willing to sample the ribs and judge which one was the best in five different categories.

This was also my first time competing in Rib-Off–an ambitious move on my part, because, until about two weeks ago, I had never made ribs before. I had a cluster of wacky ideas, and hacked-together execution, and my first test batch of ribs actually caught on fire. But on the day-of? My saucier teammate and I totally pulled it off.

I only grabbed a few photos, because proper rib-making is a pretty time-consuming process, but here’s a taste (har har) of the afternoon.

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