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Portland Food Photography | Shoot First, Eat Later – Rawdacious!

I can’t stay away from food photography for long, so today I grabbed a couple of quick photos of this raw mocha cheesecake from Portland raw dessert creators, Rawdacious! I’d popped into Ford Food + Drink earlier today, and they recently started selling slices of this deliciousness, so I grabbed one for myself to try it on.

Good news for people with dietary sensitivities: it’s 100% raw and vegan, and is free of gluten, dairy, and cane sugar! But, as a person who doesn’t have any food allergies, I’d still say it’s highly enjoyable. It’s definitely different from your garden-variety cheesecake, but it’s sweet, cocoa-y, and totally silky and decadent.

So, yeah, definitely try it, but be warned: you may become a little bit obsessed. 😉

Portland professional food photography – Sarah Giffrow Creative

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