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Portland graphic design | Rose City Rollers go to WFTDA Championships!

What do we want? JUSTICE! That’s especially true this weekend, because omjesus, it’s WFTDA Championships in Denver. I’m one of the sad, sad people who doesn’t get to see it in person, but I’ll be transforming into a rabid fangirl, “checking my scores” at the brunch table, and (gasp!) WATCHING SPORTS IN A BAR. I might have to turn in my Geek Membership Card for this one, dudes.

Still, you know what? It’s the first trip to Championships for the Wheels of Justice, they’ve been busting their humps in preparation for this, and they’re going to KILL IT. These are exciting times for those of us who love Portland and love Roller Derby.

On a related note, if you’re following Frisky Sour’s blog–which any derby fan should; she has more than a little experience, having blogged and played for RCR–then you might’ve heard about her Championships sign slogan contest. Frisky, in her infinite wisdom, (and much to my surprise), chose my late-in-the-game entry as the winner, which, woo! Free swag!

Anyhoo, I had Adobe Illustrator open today while I was working at my studio, so I followed a random bit of inspiration, started doodling in pixels, and ~30 minutes later, my slogan became an actual sign:

(and then I made a clean one for the kidlets)

Rose City’s first bout is at 4:30pm Friday. Portland posse, tune in via the Interwebs and give our WOJ ladies your love! <3

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