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Portland headshot photography for professionals | CRAVE Portland Team Photos

As a professional small business owner, even if you don’t sell a tangible product, you still want to communicate who you are, and all of the values and passion you bring into your work. I offer headshots for Portland professionals to help you communicate all of those things, so you can promote yourself and everything you have to offer. And, well, I always enjoy shooting with cool people, so it’s a win for both of us!

I recently did a quick headshot session with the team behind the upcoming CRAVE Portland Guidebook, to highlight a few of the ladies who helped make such a ¬†huge project possible. These ladies were there to help with coordination, organizing, and even photoshoot styling, and without them working with me behind-the-scenes, my job as a photographer for the book would’ve been¬†much harder! I met up with Harmony, Kimberly, and Katie at Tanner Springs Park to grab some fabulous headshots of each of them, and a few playful group photos for the book, too.

Keep your eyes peeled for the release of the new CRAVE Portland Guidebook, too–it’ll be hitting shops all over Portland very soon, and we’ll be highlighting women-owned businesses throughout the city.

Sarah Giffrow Creative – headshot photography for promotion and business (Portland, OR)

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