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Portland Professional Photographer | Be my next studio-mate!

I’m in search of someone–or possibly TWO someones–to share in my Portland professional photography studio and workspace. I do photography and custom web site design and development in the studio, and I’d love to share with someone who has a complementary business, so we can collaborate and/or give each other referrals, but any responsible, easygoing, and generally cool person would be welcome.

  • Available August 1st
  • ~900 sq. ft. of space in a basement suite (there are a couple of windows)
  • Roller-mounted seamless paper backdrops installed, plenty of space for photography, meetings, and storage.
  • Located in the Ford Building (SE 11th and Division)
  • Locally-owned cafe and rotating art exhibitions on the main floor
  • Conveniently located on bus lines, near good food and coffee, New Seasons Market, etc.

Your half of the rent would be $430/month for rent, utilities, and business internet. If there are three of us, then your 1/3rd would be $290. A few photos of the work and meeting areas are below, to give an idea of how much potential we have to work with. The Studio Shooting Area is located next to the Meeting Area, and there are also additional storage spaces and work areas not shown in the photos.

My current studio-mates will also be selling some of the desks and furniture they currently have here at the space, if you need anything and are interested in buying. Some sale items are in the photos, so if you see anything you like, feel free to ask about it.

Interested? Got questions? Leave a comment here, or e-mail me directly.

Meeting Area, located to the right of the Studio Shooting Area:

Workstation Area, located behind the Meeting Area:

Conference/Open Workspace Area, located behind the Workstations:

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