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Stumptown ComicsFest

As you may already know, Stumptown ComicsFest happened this past weekend. I hadn’t originally planned on going, because my ludicrously jam-packed schedule was, well, already jam-packed, but my boyfriend got word on Friday that he’d won tickets, and invited me to come with him. My prior commitments and his work schedule didn’t leave us a whole ton of time, but we did find a couple of hours to wander around the exhibition hall.

I like comics, and have a patchy familiarity with some of the major publications, but out of all my geeky endeavors, I’d say my comics knowledge is the most deficient. Still, merely¬†walking into the place felt like a shot of positive energy. The hall was filled with comics enthusiasts, and they were all there for the same reason: to geek out over something they really enjoy. I really enjoyed just wandering the aisles with my boyfriend–he’s much more in-the-know about comics than I am–and bumping into friends at the con, and witnessing the obvious excitement from all of them. It was more than a little infectious.

The particularly cool thing, however, was that the artists and writers were just as elated as the fans were. This place was filled with people who’d poured a lot of love and creative energy into their work, and fans were visiting their booths, inquiring about their stories, admiring their art. A lot of artists were happy to not only sign their books for you, but also doodle a little drawing to go with the signature. Some were well-known, some were newer to the community, but so many of them were clearly excited to be talking about the work they were most passionate about, and grateful to be asked about it, and that was a beautiful thing to observe.

I’m sure I missed a lot of exciting happenings (yes, I’m still grumpy that I missed out on the debut of Mayor Sam Adams as the mighty SamDroid) but I did still take a few¬†photos at Stumptown ComicsFest, if you’d like a (small) taste of the event.

Squid Row

The Adventures of Unemployed Man

Alter Egos Society


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