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Portland branding design | Locals We Love!

When we’re not making Portland branding design, web site and photography magic happen, we’re roaming the wilds of Portland and enjoying what our beloved locals have to offer. We’ll periodically share some of our favorite things here on the blog, hoping that you’ll get out there and celebrate the locally-made awesomeness by trying something new-to-you!

Sarah’s Pick: Seaworthy

Seaworthy JewelryWhen it comes to Portland-made jewelry, I basically can’t shut up about Marisa Howard’s super-sweet line, Seaworthy. I picked up my first pair of Seaworthy earrings a couple years ago at Union Rose, and it’s been fun watching her line evolve into the cool and cleverly crafted blend of shapes and details that it is now. Her current collection boasts both smaller pieces and large, luscious wonders, from swoopy hoops to dangling chains and stones. My personal favorite of the moment? the Zand earrings. Check out the rest on her web site.

Petra’s Pick: Santeria

Santeria - Mexican food in PDXThe web site for Santeria says “Best Mexican food on the planet”. They’re not kidding. This restaurant has only 8 tables, but I would be willing to pack myself in the building with 100 other people just to stuff my face with their awesome tacos and margaritas. We ordered Chicken Mole (Green) and a couple Spicy Margaritas and WOW, it all knocked our socks off. It’s pretty apparent that the owners have put a lot of thought into every square inch of the place including the decor, hilarious staff, and attention to flavor. Check them out on Facebook!

Lexx’s Pick: Spunky Monkey

Spunky Monkey Coffee RoastersIn a town where there is a coffee shop on every corner, only one can create the most delicious of breakfast sandwiches. A breakfast sandwich so good that it is served all day. And if you are very lucky, like me, you can live within walking distance of Spunky Monkey, the cafe that creates these beautiful, delicious, caloric explosions of aioli, cheese, bagel and egg. While all of their sandwiches are worth trying, I’ve found the Smokin’ Barbarian is my absolute favorite. Check them out on SE 20th and Burnside (you can’t miss the purple building)! They’re also on Facebook!

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