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The World We Face…

This is a project about the world we face.

We live in a system that has little sympathy for a vast majority of its people. It feels designed to only benefit the rich and privileged, and to leave the rest of us behind in suffering.

We feel alienated from the nation that is supposed to protect us, and alienated from each other. We fear for our livelihoods, for our families and our children, and we’re afraid that we no longer have a future.

This is a project that seeks to put a face on these fears, by sharing them in photos. Share what concerns you. Share your fears. Share your struggles. I will capture them and present them to as wide an audience as possible.

We cannot begin to understand each other without showing a part of ourselves.

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How It Works

The ask is simple: you’ll be photographed and asked to share your feelings and fears. Together, we’ll find a sentence that captures your feelings, and it will be written on a sign that you’ll hold up in the photo. I’ll choose an image to represent you, and gather it together with the images of others who also volunteer. My goal is to capture the scope of how this tenuous time in our country’s history is affecting its people.

You can include your loved ones in your photo, if it feels right. I can photograph you in our studio, or in a meaningful location to you.

The first step is to sign up through this form. Once you’ve done that, I’ll contact you about scheduling a time for us to work together.

We’re starting in Portland and surrounding areas, but I hope to work my way further outward, if time and resources allow me to.

More About Me

headshot courtesy James Newman

I’m a professional photographer and roller derby player living and working in Portland, Oregon. I am also the mixed-race daughter of a first-generation Taiwanese immigrant.

I have friends and loved ones who identify as queer, as trans, as disabled, as people of color. I’m connected with city folk, country folk, poor, middle-class, religious and not. I have lived in several different states in the U.S., in both urban and rural communities, and I believe that all of these people deserve to have the way of life they want for themselves and their children.

Thank you for your willingness to share a part of yourself.